broken nut on front exhaust... argh help!

sht sht sh*t. i broke a bolt/thread on my front exhaust piping while removing the exhaust pipe to replace my oilpan gasket. the front two nuts came off fine but the front one (centered) broke. there’s no thread left on the bolt/threaded area to use another nut. what can i do???

how do the threads work… are they tapped into the downspout, or is there an actual bolt going through it? or are they part of the downspout thing itself (sorry for my n00b terminology :stuck_out_tongue: ) what are my options to replacing this or working around the broken bolt? somebody help w/ advice! :frowning:

are you talking about the bolts that connect the header together? if so… both ends are treaded… you can always use an easy out… you have to drill the center of the bolt… and then go in with this thing which is pretty much a reverse treaded bolt…or you can just try a reverse treaded drill bit…iono… make sure you lube that fucker up…

Yeah, one of the bolts that deez nuts (bwaha) go on:

I can’t tell if it’s a true bolt or just a threaded bit inserted into the header; can’t see the top side of it. I know what you’re talking about, a bolt/screw extractor, had to do that on one of my healight bracket bolts.

But I wasn’t sure if I would be able to replace this bolt/thread. It’s such a random-ass piece… can it be ordered from Acura, do you know?

And are you sure the thread/bolt can be extracted from the other end of the header? I just wanna make sure it can before I try to extract something that’s forged to the header and I go from bad to worse :frowning:

Thanks for your input… I’ll talk to my pals at Acura tomorrow. If ya know any answers to the above, let me know :wink:

when i took mine off it was a treaded bolt and not welded to teh header… i was trya take off the nut from the bottom side and the whole fucken bolt started to turn… so the nut didnt come off… the whole bolt did instead… but iono about the rest of yoru question… im guessing acura would sell that piece