Broken Speedo Cable!

Hey guys, im new to posting here, but have read many many posts :clap:
Anyways, i recently re vinyled my dashboard, i took it all out cleaned it all up, it came out mint, very nice. However, after taking out my cluster and and finishing the dash, and re installing it. I came across a few problems, i had a bouncing speedo, my temperature and fuel guages went to hot and full, and wont return, and to complicated the process after countless times trying to fix this, my speedo cable just broke while driving on the highway…

Anyways… if u guys have come across this type of nightmare before, and tips would be appreciated. And does anyone know how much a new cable would cost? I guess the easiest thing to do would be to go to the junk yard.

Anyways thanks

cable $30 from Honda/Acura. When you put the knew one on mke sure you unhook from tranny, this will help out lots. If you need a cluster I have one that I’ll let go cheap.

Yeah that was the first thing i did, was remove it from the tranny when i was taking out the cluster, that wasn’t really a problem. The speedo cable just broke the windings must have shred one by one and let loose :frowning: lack of greese and too much friction. :confused:

But 30 bucks isn’t bad.

I learned that the hard way and so did one of my friends a few weeks back.

Yeah… what a nightmare… I gotta get a new camble and now a new cluster :confused: