Bucket seat question

I’m thinking of purchasing 2 bucket seats for my 2 door da along with sliders would one still be able to get in to the back seats? Does any one have this setup?
Also I’m forced to get new seats cause my driver side has broken off the frame

do you know what they do?

Make the seat slide foward, but is there enough room for one to make it through

how would the stock seat belts work?

on my sparco sliders there was more then enough room, my fat friend could actually get in the back,

if you get a bracket for the seat get the wedge engineering one, it comes with a mount for the stock auto seat belts

I had some no-name racing seats for a while and people could still get in the back seat. Not quite as convenient as the stock ones but still not a problem.
As for the seatbelts, check out this thread:
Some aftermarket seat brackets have places to mount the seatbelts but they are not always in a good position. I made my own brackets to mount them on, it’s all in that thread.