Build Tread on a time line...

Hi Guys,

I’m Dane from Australia, and I have been on G2ic for some time, checking out builds etc.

I drive a 90 LS Integra that i picked up cheap off a mate for $500, with fairly low km’s/miles, the only issue is it wouldn’t start. After finding out it was the main relay, My mate who is an auto electrician fixed it up for me and away we go! The car has been my daily for some time, and it has been painted matte black, and sat on numerous jap rims (Volks, advans) for some time.

I have just recently gotten engaged, and my fiancé are looking at having the wedding at the end of march. I have the job of planning wedding cars, and I want the Integra to be one of those cars, although its really not “wedding car worthy” in my opinion. So what I plan on doing here is getting my car done before the march deadline, and take you guys along for the ride! At this stage no engine work will be done (as I’m unsure on what engine path to go down) but interior exterior will be attended to.

Ill get photo’s up soon.



This is where im up to with it at the moment. Wheels are a bit big as I have off loaded my jap rims in search for some new ones

So sexy, I want mine matte black. Just need to save the money. Love it

Thanks man, Believe it or not it was done with a pressure pack, 19 cans to be precise haha. I might keep the color, very unsure at the moment.

On the weekend I found a set of Volk GR-C (CV Pro) in 17x7 +42 and 17x8 +40. The rears will need some spacing but should look the part. Unfortunatley there was no centre nut/ring and to my understanding they are hard to find. I will tidy them up and see how they look!

Found a set of OEM mud flaps today, and cheap! These are getting harder and harder to find!

I was fishing around on Gumtree today and found myself some new seats. I was contemplating on getting the stock drivers seat repaired from an auto trimmer, but considering it was going to cost over $200, I thought I would get better value from some race seats. Got these for $200 for the pair! cheap cheap! In other news I debadged the rear, (as I like the cleaner look of the hatch) filled the holes and filed it down to silky smmmooooooooth. Ill start breaking the car down ready for paint over the next couple of days. Pics to follow soon!

So it would seem that I have come across a little problem with these seats. I thought I was going to be able to mount these up to the standard rails fairly easily, but turns out im going to have the same issues as everyone else has installing their bucket seats in their DA’s. I have done a mass search throughout the forum to try and find some pics and some kind of write up on how to modify seat rails, although no pics are available. The seats I have are bottom mounte, and was wondering if anyone can share their installation tips so I can get these suckers in.

Just an updated pick of where the build is at. Starting to strip the paint down to prepare for paint. Kinda diggin the pinata look…

So I have been flat out with the car of late, but being too lazy to upload some photos. If you want to see where the car is up to at the moment, head over to my instagram account @daneosaur182 and check it out, there is also pics of what the car was like previous to the rebuild. So far I have stripped it down, primed, sanded, masked and shot some color. The front fenders only need to be rubbed back with some 1200 and cut and they will be nice and glassy. Color combination I have gone for is bright white with a gloss black roof. CV-Pro wheels have been painted metallic silver in the middle with a gloss black lip, and black shank nuts. Once the paint is done it will be time to put all the fun stuff on. Head over and have a look and let me know what you think.

the build seems to be coming along nicely

but do you think you can stop being lazy for those of us that do not have an instagram account?

Thanks lol

lol sorry HondaTom87, ill get on it. If all goes to plan I should be in assembly stage this weekend and have the body back together, and if I am lucky ill have the seat rails mounted. Fingers crossed.

I have assembled the front of the teg on the weekend, looking the goods! I also come across a set of Sparco NSII rims, although the seller insisted they were 4x100, and when I went to put them on the car, they were infact 4x114.3 needless to say I was less than impressed… might keep them for another project? Some stuff came from ebay purchases on Friday, a C-pillar brace, boot lid-lip spoiler, and a new set of drive shafts.

The car is nearly assembled! I have spend the last week putting everything back together. Seats have been mounted to the custom rails (pain in the ass job) C-Pillar brace mounted, lip wing mounted and OEM mud flaps installed. All that is left to do is put the window mouldings and garnishes on, put all the plastics back in the boot and re-locate the battery to the boot. Then its off to the mechanics to get the drive shafts and ball joints installed. Im having trouble uploading pics from my android device, so head over to my instagram account @daneosaur182 and have a look!