build up advice needed greatly

Hey everyone, this is my first post and have to say that these forums seem to be very informative which is a plus for someone new like myself to the Integra. Here’s the deal now…I picked up my 90 Integra from a friend who was going to scrap it and its been sitting forever. Ive got the funds now to do a major build up and decided to put it towards the Integra. Im looking to put down 250-300whp but am unsure which engine to use as a base so to speak. Im open to a turbo build up or a non-turbo build up. Ill be honest in saying i have no clue what motor is better for what and which motor is best to use and the “most” reliable for everyday use with or without a turbo setup. My car now is a 92 MR2 with 300whp so this is a big jump for me to the Integra. If anybody can assist me it would be a world of help since I need to start this project ASAP. Im looking for a detailed list of reputable and high quality parts for this motor. There is so much out there for Honda motors that its impossible for me to know what is crap to be blunt. Im sorry if this has been asked before which im sure it has. I searched and nothing seemed to answer my question. I really appreciate it and look forward to hearing everyones responses. Thanks.


Have you just read some of the threads in the forced induction forum? They will have good ideas.

250-300 WHP will require forced induction of some type. I would suggest reading some FI threads and seeing what people have done, and what they used. I know Stu posted a dyno chart with 277WHP, talk to him maybe.