Building block for LS/VTEC

First of all, I hope this is not too much of a repost, I’ve found a lot of other LS/VTEC posts, but not so many that answer my specific question… :slight_smile:

I am looking at buying a teg with a swapped in b16a… I also have a complete b18a on my hands… starting to get any ideas? :wink:

Can you guys tell me what I would need to do (or point me to some websites that do) in order to build the LS block to rev to 8k or higher safely? At time same time I’d like to build it to handle a little boost (probably around 10, and not more than 15 psi) if I decide to go that route in the future… I need to know what needs to be replaced, what my options for replacing those parts are, what kind of work has to be done to the bottom end, what kind of compression ratios I should run, etc etc… if someone could just give me some starting points that would be great because I really don’t know where to start…

I could do this over a period time since the LS block is a spare, but I’m still looking to keep costs down as much as possible… since I can’t afford to just throw tons of money at it I’m looking to learn as much as possible so I’ll make the right decisions the first time…

It’s kinda hard to go forced induction and also keep the costs down, but bascially here’s a small right up.

To do LS/VTEC, you need a b16a/b18c head. You must plug up the oil line in the head, and run an external oil line from the block to the head.

For the bottom end, you should use vtec oil pump, vtec water pump, LS crank, vtec oil squirters, vtec oil cooler, modified GSR crank girdle (or aftermarket), and PR3 high compression pistons. And while you’re at it, have the crank fully balanced as well and at least have the rods shotpeened.

But if you go forced induction, you should use aftermarket rods (like eagle or probe) and go with some forged pistons.

And for high reving, change the springs and retainers in the vtec head.

b16’s redline at 8k as it is, theres no point in going higher unless your car is making power after that point. if you want to rev higher then you need to do some head work, and like crxgsr get some new rods and pistons. youll also need to get your ecu chipped, to take off the rev limiter. but again its pointless to go higher than redline if your not making any power after. all your doing is hurting the motor. HTH