Building The Poor Man's Type R

It’s time for me to learn about the poor man’s Type R so I can look at the prices of the parts I need to do this swap.

I already know you start off witha B18C1 block and Type R head. What else needs to be bought?
What ECU do you need to use?

I know Dan had something done to his block, a coating of some sort if I’m correct, anyone know what it was?

Dan read this I need your help now man.

The real poor man’s ITR would probably use a b16a head since the b16a and b18c5 are both pr3 heads. Someone correct me if I’m wrong. You’ll save about $700 too.

Essentially the Poor Man’s Type R is this…

B18C1 (P72) Block (rods, crank)
B18C5 (USDM or JDM P73) Pistons
PR3 Head (B16A, B17A, B18C5)
ITR or CTR cams
ITR Valve Springs
ITR Intake Manifold
64mm TB (bored LS or ITR TB)
Chipped P28, P61, or P72 ECU

That’s it. There are many variations to the Poor Man’s ITR. My setup I would not include it that category. I have ITR rods and pistons with ITR top end. The only thing GSR I’m using is the crank and the block.

Let me know if you have any other questions regarding this topic. I would be more than happy to elaborate.

Thanks Dan. I’m looking to build my poor man’s ITR much like yours (why not learn from the master right?).

What parts did you use to build your engine?
What things did you do to prep the engine? (I read some where that you coated the block or something)
What ECU needs to be used?

I’ll have more questions after I know what parts I need.


I’m going to build a Poor Man’s ITR, but have some questions as well. I would like to know your answers as well as your rationale knowing that I’m not a dragger/racer and would be using this engine for my daily driver.

Would you bore out the cylinders and press on .25mm over-bored ITR pistons or just press on stock bore ITR pistons?

Would you balance the crank once you open up the block?

Have you ever put your car on the dyno, and what was it’s numbers?

Thanks in advance for your answers.