bumper conversion question

i just recently converted my 91 bumper to a 92-93 style bumper
the bumper came with the 92-93 support and the 2 parts where u bolt the 92-93 bumper to…

heres my question… the alignment is way off, the bumper IS NOT FLUSHED/ALIGNED with my fenders and the when the hood is closed i think the bumper is way in to much… can anybody help me with this??
im thinking of just putting washers on where the mounting brackets bolt on to and see if that works… anybody have other suggestions?? i will try and take pics tomorrow and try to show exactly what im talking about… any help would be great! thanks in advance!

i believe you are suppose to use your 90-91 bumper support. someone correct me if im wrong.

yeah thats if i use 90-91 mounting brackets… but i was to lazy to take off the bumper supports on both bumpers… so i just used the 92-93 mounting brackets… so that i dont have to take off the 92-93 bumper support

rule is… if u r convert to a 90-91 or a 92-93… u use everything for that year. so for u, since u went to the 92-93… u’re suppose to use EVERYTHING from a 92-93. mounting brackets, bumper, bumper cover. it should line up unless… UR CAR was F’d up to begin with… or the front end u got was F’d up… or u F’d up installing the parts. 1 of the 3 or maybe a combination of things are the issue.

i’m assuming u mounted things on correct side and in the proper direction?

are you using oem parts…?

yes im using OEM parts… im thinking i got it right since the holes line up to the mounting brackets… the car was never in an accident and the front end i got was in good shape… should i try switching the bumper supports??

also can somebody send me a pic of the mounting brackets installed (92-93)
so i can double check if its right!! thanks!

here are some pics!

front of the bumper/hood:

PS dont mind the bald tires… im saving cash to buy tires for the blades…

for the hood, why don’t u play with its alignment and see if u can make it sit flusher with the bumper?

for the front bumper cover… maybe the front end u got is worn or something. like maybe someone sat on it or something to make it droop. u could just look at the holes for the 92-93 bumper and see if the holes for the screws/bolts look good. try tightening things up or try maybe putting washers. play around with it if u have to, to make it all line up. loosen up some of the screws/bolts and push/pull things into place, then have someone hold it in place as u tighten things back up.

regarding switching the bumper supports back to the 90-91 while having a 92-93 bumper n cover on it… won’t work unless u do some modifications to the bumper.

let us know what u find and if u’re able to make it work. u might have to just bite ur tongue and accept the fact that something isn’t as good as u thought it was. cuz i’m assuming if u put ur 90-91 front end back on there with the original parts… that it would sit back up into it all flush n stuff. so that means its either ur car, or its the 92-93 front end that has issues.

hmm, interesting… if you’ve swapped everything to 92-93, there shouldnt be a problem… make sure the bumper cover is aligned and bolted securely on the bumper support. also make sure that the styrofoam is snug between the cover itself and the support. once those 3 items are aligned and bolted on securly, there shouldn’t be a problem. same with the brackets for mounting the support onto. if that fails, pull off the headlights, throw the bumper on, loosen all the bolts on the cover and play around with the bumper cover till it lines up to your liking and see how far off the bolts are. i wouldn’t play around with the hood or anything, it obviously lined up fine before you did all of this.

wen i got my car it had a big mouth bumper but i decided on removing it and adding a 1992-93 stock bumper on it, soo i went and got one at the junk yard, wen i was trying to put it in the big metal or steel that supports the whole bumper was bended like if the car was in a small accident before soo i had to ask my dad for some help to try to aligned the best i could soo this it what we got…my car its a 1990 db1 with the 92-93 bumper…and also the mounting brackets from the fender were taken off idk why or what for soo i did some kind of modification…

as u could see the driver side headlights doesnt align with the bumper… :frowning:

hmm… damn that sucks… ima try doing the washer stuff when it gets a lil warmer (hopefully soon)… how much just a 92-93 bumper cost at the dealer??

also if i do end up getting another 92-93 bumper is there a way that i can use my 90-91 bumper support cuz in case the 92-93 bumper support that came with the other bumper is damaged?? thanks for all your help guys!

yes but make things easier and just keep it all in the same year for the front end. so if u’re going for the 92-93 look… get 92-93 parts.

90-91 is the black mount 92-93 is the blue mount. That rusty bracket in the background is hideous.

Any fitment issues with my bumper were because I got a Certifit bumper… they are shit. Have an oem one waiting to go one.

Also used a new bumper support, cat’s seemed to like it.