bumper cover

well first off im a new guy and wass lookin at the teg tips.
i was looking to do the ram air mod made of heater duct.
any way the prob is that my bumper cover wont come off even after i tale all the bolts out. i can move it arond but it seems to be connected under the head lights. its a 93 teg. any help would be wonderfull thanxs

i have a '93ls…there isn’t any bolts behind the headlights…but there are some behind the turn signals in the bumper…2 per signal to be exact. there are also the ones along the bottom/underneath side and the two screws in each fenderwell. It should come off with all of those removed.

i removed every one of those dam screws and i pulled tugged beat it and it wouldnt come off so and ideas :confused:

there should be 2 bolts on each turn signal, 2 on the bottom, and 2 more on each side of the fender wall (i think thats what its called) its right in front of the wheels. so thats 6 bolts and 4 screws. then lift and pull out.

like i said i took out every screw and bolt and it wont come off

You don’t nned to take the buper off to do the ram air, just take your passenger side wheel off then take your mudgard off and you should see your resinator (if you haven’t moved it yet). To get the resinator off you need to take of three bolts. Two are easy the third one is extremely tricky to get to. But after its off the job is really easy…i posted another way to make the ram air in INtegra Help, just search for ram air and you might find it.