Bumper signal plugs gone

mmk. well my teg didn’t have any bumper turn signals. so i went and bought some off ebay for like 6 bux shipped. yay me. anywho, i was recently at my pick-a-part and noticed none of the tegs there (well the lone teg now) had the bumper signals and the plug/socket thing that plugged into the bumper signal was gone. so i decided to look at my car, and sonofabitch, mine were cut off too.

so i guess my question is, can i just get the connections of a diff car (legend, civic, 1st gen teg, etc…) or am i going to have to jerry rig one or buy a new one?


I don’t think it would be hard to find a generic 1156 bulb socket that would fit the bumper lenses. Although I’m not certain, you could probably find these at your local Schucks/Kragen/Napa/AutoZone.

If not, you can order replacements from Acura/Honda, or order one from www.acuraautomotiveparts.org.