Bushing On The Brake Pedal

well you guys may know or had this happen to yall already but if not just wanted to warn yall…if you ever see a small piece of blue rubber on your driver side floor mat , you might want to check to make sure your brake lights are not staying on…
i got in my car yesterday and it was dead to the world , the rubber bushing on the brake pedal that turns off the brake lights had rotted out ,and brake the lights stayed on till it killed my battery…i didnt understand why my brand new battery would just go dead, but after about 10 minutes of charging i noticed the brake lights staying on …thats when i realized those pieces of blue rubber that i saw two days in a row on my floor mat , was not just something that got stuck in my shoe.

has yall teg ever pulled this number with yall?

well anyway, i have gotten so much helpful advice from this site just thought i would try to give a little back thats all.