Buying 90 Integra RS/LS

Im looking to buy a 90 Rs or Ls what things should I be looking for, under the hood stuff and common body problems? Thanks.

I dont know about under the hood…

I just bought a '90 LS TODAY!!! And unfortunately it has alot of problems… my CV joint, all rotors, and all breaks needed replacing. If you get test drive a manual, make sure to try all the speeds. I have to put another $500 just to put it on the road.

My trunk was replace with an RS trunk… but I know its an LS becuase it has features such as cruise control (that I dont know if it works or not), A/C (doesnt work), power windows/locks. A '90 LS will costs another $75-$150 more than an RS considering they are in the same condition. Make sure you tests all the features out, like my A/C my front passenger window doesnt work!