buying a j1 trans.... what do i say when i go to store and buy clutch? "90-91 clutch?

i have a y1 trans… went bad i think. stuck on 3rd gear on now im buying a j1 transmission… i think it is about the same… short gears and it will fit my b16… i kinda sure.

can i use the same clutch from my y1 short gear trans? prolly not a good idea to use the old one? cuz of what happend…

so i may get a new one.

i dont know what will fit. do i ask for an integra 90-91 clutch… 92-93?


i prolly sound stupid… but NOT everyone has their info straight. one forum says one thing… another forum says another thing… the guy across the street says ANOTHER thing… cant get my dam info straight :frowning:

j1 tranny should be as good as my y1, right? watever. as long as its short gears

the j1 is somewhat the same as the s1 trans it uses the 90-91 clutch

thank u sir…

and no… i tdont think the integra u saw on the freeway was mine…

mine was stuck on the 5 freeway offramp off of eltoro road in lake forest

When my shifter got lodged in 3rd gear I could take it out once the engine was dead. WHen running it could not go in any gear. Turned out to be a clutch problem, not transmission.

really… well when drained the oil, i saw alot of metal… looked like a milkshake.

even with the engine off i couldnt get out of 3rd

anyone down to help me swap an ls fifth gear into a j1 tranny? ill pay good look up and get ahold of member TRANSEX! HONDA TRANSMISSION GOD! yeah its a d-series site and you’ll have to join to post but this guy is the best! You wont be disapointed! Hope it helps