Buying a lsv! Any advice?!?

Sup guys! So I’m heading out tO buy an lsv from a guy that’s moving out of town and needs to clear his garage

It’s an LS block with eagle rods and has been bored out to 2.0 displacment (84mm right?) he doesn’t know what brand pistons they are though. In fact he doesn’t know much about the internal set up because he bought it like that.

The head is a 2000 si head with stock cams, greddy cam gears. The valve springs say p1 so I’m praying that they are buddy club p1’s. the head is already tapped with golden eagle lsv kit he said he was running turbo on it for a couple months until be got pulled over and sent to California state bar and got reff’d he’s sellin the set up for a really good price and also throwing in stock throttle body, 70mm throttle body, pr3 ecu, engine stand, engine hoist and a bunch of other stuff just to clear his garage.

So what advise do u guys might have for me as to looking and examining the motor? Anything I should be looking closely at? This is my first motor purchase and I intend to rip it apart and rePlace anything that needs to be replaced. I’m aimIng for reliability and a good powerful daily driver. All motor no boost thanks!!!