buying colormatched paint help

I am trying to get the rust off my car so i am sanding/bondo/… that whole thing but i cant seem to find my paint anywhere. I have looked at all the major hardware stores like lowes, menards, even wal-mart… cant find r-81 milano red in a can anywhere! Does someone kno a regional hardware store that has this paint? or anyone locally in seattle have an idea? any help would be great. Thanks! and thanks for the guys that emailed me back about it too!


you need to go to a auto paint supply store

Yeppers, an auto paint dealer, make sure you bring the paint code off of the sticker that is ususally located on the inside of the drivers door frame. They should be able to mix it for you.

Do you have any finish masters or 3d autos around you?

i don’t believe so. Not many specialty auto paint stores that I can find on google… u think a regular paint store could hook me up?

Look in the yellow pages under “autobody shop supplies” or something to that effect. There’s about 80,000 people in my town and we have a store that sells autobody supplies and custom-mix spraybombs, so I’m sure Seattle should have at least one somewhere.

A hardware store won’t be able to help. You might find the paint repair pens, but that’s about it.

OK that search is exactly what i needed. Thanks a lot! Now its time to probably screw up my paintjob worse than it is!