Buzzing/Humming Sound -Wheel Bearings?

About a month ago my 'Teg started making a constant buzzing/humming
sound from the rear. It sounds to come from the hatchback/trunk (poss. wheel wells?)which makes me worry about wheel bearings. I have a '90 GS
5-speed with 89,000 miles. The car has always been to every scheduled maint. with the 90,000mi done 4 months ago.

 The humming starts at about 30 mph and gets higher pitched the faster you go.  Since it is related to speed (and not engine rpm) It isn't the muffler or the hangers (I checked).  Also when you turn right it stops :)  ..... when you turn left, it gets louder . :sad:

 I cannot find in scheduled maint. where the bearings have ever been checked.  Does this sound right to you?  

 Also if it is (I think right rear) wheel bearings, I can't imagine they can be too expensive.  I'm not an idiot- can I do it myself? Any guess on price? Drowning it out with my stereo is probally not the solution. I greatly appreciate any and all help/ suggestions.

A constant humming is usually an indication that your bearing needs to be replaced. The bearing itself isn’t overly expensive, maybe $40 or so? But to replace it you’ll need a hydraulic press to get the old one out as well as to put the new one in.

That’s a LOW mileage '90!!

89,000 miles? I just had to replace my left rear wheel bearing a month ago… and I got 150,000+ miles on my teg.

And each wheel hub (they don’t sell the bearings separtely!) for the rear is $150 from the dealer… but you might be able to find it for less elsewhere…

BTW, you’ll need a huge socket and socket wrench to tackle the bolt that holds the hub on each wheel… I think it’s like 1-1/4 in. size. Also, the manual says it’s suppose to be torqued to 140 or 150 lbs., so get ready to start jumping on that wrench.

If you get past this part, the rest is easy…
o, and if your hub bolt and cap is all rusted, you can expect to spend another $15-20 those two things from the dealer, too.

1-1/4 inch nut??? I thought bolts on Japanese cars were all metric? My spindle nut is 32mm.


Yep, 89k and runs like a dream… except for that ******* humming.
thanks for the reply, I do not want to tackle a poss. rusted bolt of that torque/size. How much do you suppose the dealer would charge?
Also, is it bad to drive on? God forbid I hurt my baby!:wink:

                  Thanks for the input,