Bypasing clutch interlock switch

I have 91 ls and it has starting issues. Start car by jumping power of solenoid to battery.(ghetto) replaced ignition switch and it did nothing for me. Going to try starter relay 2m. There’s nothing plugged into white connector above the clutch pedal assembly. Looks like wires were cut and twisted together. Two small gauged wires coming from under dash harness. Guessing these were originally attatched to connector that Plugged into white connector on clutch assembly. Could this cause car not to start. Is twisting them two wires bypassing the switch or was this incorrectly performed. Help greatly appreciated. Thanks.

It depends there are 2 switches on the clutch pedal so it depends on which one your talking about. One is cruise and one is clutch safety.

The clutch interlock switch sits on the top of the clutch pedal and is difficult to see because the air ducts cover it up. If you can see a switch and didn’t have to crawl on your back or take off air ducts then it’s most likely the lower one that Tegguy mentioned (CC).

Do you always have to jump the starter or is it sometimes? If sometimes, rewire you starter wires (black/white) from ignition switch to starter. Also replace you negative wires (battery & tranny). If you always have to jump the starter then you need to do some troubleshooting starting with the clutch switch and then the starter relay.


I always have to jump the starter. Just disconnected the starter relay and my car died as soon as I jumped the starter. Reconnected the relay and it starts again when I jump it. That right there tells me the relay is working properly. The ignition switch is brand new. Wish I had some pics to help describe where the clutch pedal switch is exactly. My crusie control is still working that’s all that I know.

What exactly do you mean, “Just disconnected the starter relay and my car died as soon as I jumped the starter”???

The starter relay has nothing to do with the car running, it is only there for the CIS, [clutch switch] if the CIS has been bypassed, then just remove the relay, and connect the two heavy gauge leads, [one is from the ign. switch the other goes to the starter] together.

Or if you want, ground the lead coming from the CIS so relay will energize, [close] anytime you turn ign. key to start.

The above assumes the relay is good, again it has nothing to do with keeping the engine running. 94

I think he is confusing the “starter relay” with the “Main Fuel Relay”.


i had the problem where id turn my key and it wouldnt start looked at the started and notice theres a wire to the coil that was unplugged might wanna check that

No i wasnt confusing the relays but
I was confused between clutch switch for cruise and for ignition. I’m dumb haha it’s missing the rubber. Well at least I have new ignition switch. (cough) preventative maintenance lol

Well at least you found your problem. Always check the small/least expensive stuff first. And if you jump your starter, your starter relay does nothing to make your engine die.