bypassing heater core

how do i go about doing this?

What are you trying to do?

In the engine bay back by the firewall, basically there are two hoses running into the firewall. I think they are 3/8 not sure but that goes to the heater core. Becareful as the core pipe is old and can break if u try to remove the old sticked hose. Then You would have to undo your whole underneath dash to get it replace.

take a razor blade and cut the hoses from the heater core barbs and use you hands to remove the hose

then all you have to to is put a piece of hose and conect it to the 2 ports on the thermostat housing.

Why exactly are you doing this again? :corn:

my heater core is leaking and i dont use the heater at all so ill just go ahead and bypass it

I hear you there mang. that thing is a PIA:rofl:

is there a schematic that shows me where the hoses are? i think i need to replace the hoses also because i have a coolant leak from behind the engine and i believe the heater core is the only thing that uses it in the area

Actually there are a couple of places to leak from there are 2 orings on a pipe that feeds the water pump and a hose up to the IACV, a couple other places i think:think:

heres a good picture from my SK2 install

My setup is disconnect those two hoses and use the climate control valve thingy (that has a cable attached to it) to join both hoses. Now I speak from what I see in my car from the person I bought it but I too have a question, If I’m in the process of putting a/c in my car, can I leave it like that and just take out the heater core? since I have everything out already (dash) and if I do do I need to seal anything or just have to put the heater core cover back on?

I heard there was a toyota part that is U shaped that works perfect for a heater core bypass right at the connection part atht e firewall. Any sourcing for this myth?

why not get plugs or in a sense caps that plug the water fittings. I’ve seen some cap them off and with stock clamps. done.

you can go to Napa, Autozonr, Oreillys or any parts store and look through their hoses to find one to create the loop… or you can just plug the hose ends… I do not recommend relying on the heater core valve alone as it can leak and cause loss of coolant.

As long as you securely plug everything up at the firewall you are good to go.

and FWIW in these older cars… not having a heater at all is a royal PITA… especially when the widows fog. I had the core bypassed in my 84 300ZX… that didn’t even last a full winter before I broke down and replaced it.

Would this part work from toyota 16261-35030?

might need some fitment triming but yeah that should work.

It’s real simple…

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Remove clamp #6 on #4 hose at firewall, remove clamp #6 on firewall side of water valve, [#1] plug hose #4 into water valve, your done.

I also have to agree, no heater core on a cold day with one or more passengers in the car = fogged up windows. 94

Once I got off my ass and started disconnecting the hoses after taking off the intake arm and a grounding wire I found in there, it was common sense. Problem I am having now is that my windows are still fogging up, even later on in the day when its in the shade. Is this due to some left over coolant in the lines?