C/F hood anyone?`

i have finally convinced my GF that I need a carbon fiber hood, abd I think she will buy it for me for xmas. Anybody know where I can get my hands on a good one that isnt backordered?

were you from? i work in a performance shop in milford ct and i get vis hoods wich are by far the best quality hoods ive seen so far, and are reasobaly priced

I am in NY/NJ. The closest I get to you CT is across the sound when I visit my gf on LI. I heard that there was a difference in quality between some of the older VIS hoods and the new ones, which are very good quality for civics and the DC integra. Never seen a new VIS g2 hood though. How much can you get them for? I might be interested if they are really good quality.

your probably looking around $500. $400 for the ood an the $100 in shipping to get it to me. around that price i would have to look it up a work