C pillar bar question

Quick Question. (Yes I’ve searched btw)

I bought a C Pillar Bar and I was just wondering what size are the bolts for the rear seat belts? I couldnt cheat and get them off with plyers. So Im going to have to go buy a socket and I just wanted to know what size they were.



I dont recall the exact size (i’m thinking 17mm though) but they can be a real bitch to break.

i have a c-pillar bar and i do beleive it was a 17.you are also right it was a pain in the a**.i also could not reinstall the seat belt brackets.maybe it was just the bar i bought but the factory bolts are not long enough to reach.im going to shave the brackets tho.i ride with my back seats down most of the time anyway so its not a prob.i like it when i goose the gas and my kids hit their head on it tho. lol…oh and just go buy a whole socket set they are not that exp.lol later

the bolts are a pain in the ass to remove for a reason… cuz u wouldn’t want ur seat belts ripping out when u need them to hold u down in an accident. usually blue lock tite is used. so a 2 foots 1/2" drive breaker bar comes in very handy for things like that, and if u got it, a 1/2" drive impact gun works too. i suggest putting some blue thread locker on their if u saw some on it to begin with. for safety and peace of mind. might also wanna check the torque specs on them too.

Install it this way

I had the same problem, couldn’t remount the seatbelts…so I thought about getting longer bolts or something