CA: (90 Integra RS,BARD B17A1,JDM Goodies) 6K

Here’s a link to my for sale thread on NWP.

that red pinstripe on the moldings looks sooo badass.clean teggy bro

Thanks broo.

very clean da9 u got there sir.
is that a chrome valve cover?

99% sure the valve cover is just sanded/polished.


Polished, thanks Still For sale, 5500 with the Sprint Hart CPF wheels or 5K no wheels Need it gone Joining Army,

so what happend to the gsr that gave up its b17

My buddy wanted more power, so he put a b20V nd he wanted to trade me cars so i wouldnt do all the work swapping motors, but i said Na as much as DB2’s are rare i love my RS nd i will Enjoy it even more with the Heart of the DB2,;-))

Pic of bar sticker?

BARD on 02/17/2011 smog is still good and car will pass smog any day!!!

Hey was this the same motor for sale earlier before?

Yea i was trying to sell the complete swap i also had another B17 but that ones long gone, so imma try to sell my car, ive had offers like 4500 but not worth it so price is at 5500 with wheels or 5k no wheels, or trades!!

So any of yall interested in the car? Yall ask for info and pics lmk

interested but in the spark plug cover =)

It has my monicure!
GERM1 my old graff name! Yall want graffed up Valve cover center pieces ill do them lol, Ill post pics of my rear Truck panel i "Graffed Some Characters and my Name on it ! I was gonna graff all my panels in interiour and dash Lots of graffiti but lost interest lol

lol i ment the one thats not graffed.

Hahaha oh okay, Ill send u a email,
New Price for this Weeknd Take It For 5200 with Sprint Hart Wheels!!!

4950 No Wheels!! letS Get It Sold people!! Good DD!!xD

love the civic steering wheel!

sell the hood bra!!!???