CA: Brand New AVID RACING traction bar


Hey guys, I’m selling my brand new Avid Racing traction bar. I bought this brand new about a year ago for my DA build and now I’m thinking about going a different route. This is a quality bar and if I don’t sell it I’ll be more than happy to keep it and use it on my build. It’s never even been bolted in place. Aside from holding it up to it once to check fitment its never even touched the car.

It is a direct bolt in replacement/upgrade for the factory crossmember/radius rods. It allows caster adjustment the OEM units do not and is very lightweight compared to the OEM crossmember.

MSRP is $350, cheapest I can find it online for is $300 on sale.
I’m selling it for SOLD! If you were thinking about buying one new here’s your chance to save some money!

Contact me via this thread, email @, or text @ 530-321-9334

good price.GLWS!


Glws man, stellar price.


Glws man, stellar price.[/QUOTE]


why I tell you why… :shock:

Haha, Thanks guys!




Last bump before I KEEP IT!

Could always give it to me?

My birthday is in like two months!!

Haha, sounds like a plan. It’ll probably get more use on my workbench than it would on your car though… Lol

Oh my!

Bastard lol

are you open for any trades?

[QUOTE=unified112;2309017]Oh my!

Bastard lol[/QUOTE]

Jk man

No, just looking to sell and actually I’m leaning towards just keeping it.

Sold ladies!

YES IT IS! Thank you sir