CA: Greddy SP2 catback

[SIZE=3]Ive got another greddy sp2 for sale in decent condition. Minor scratches here and there.
it is made for 92-93 integra but will fit 90-91 if you change the cat or header.
Im asking 450$ obo Shipping these exhausts are expensive. For example i shipped the same exhaust from CA to SC a while back and that cost 150$
These exhausts are not easy to come by and are discontinued.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]Call or text 661-333-1124[/SIZE]

Here’s a clip of what it sounds like. (That engine was already going bad lol) had a Jdm itr header with a test pipe.

[SIZE=3]Thanks for looking![/SIZE]

Damn, I want!

You should buy!! Haha

Possibly interested in trading for that gsr ys1 I offered before?

Hmm not really. Trying to get cash. I already got a tranny. Things I would trade for are some real wheels, or oem window visors.

I just bought a clean set of oem window visors too… hmm. Straight trade?

Haha nah I could get some for 300. I would need 100 on top at least.

if i wasnt going to Import face off in 10 days id send that money rite meow…glws i wish i could own it

how much shipped to WA?

good day sir, what is your email?

I could swing that. How much would shipping be to 95954? You can text me, 530-321-9334

About 200$ lol too much.

Thanks bro. Keep a look out i get these exhaust every once in a while

Lets trade exhaust yo.

Jk lol

damn, hows shipping to south carolina cheaper than washington? hella want these hahaha.

wow 200$ to WA? how much more to Australia? my dreams is crushed

Yea I know. I was kinda pissed off when it was more expensive. I called fed ex and asked why and they really didn’t give me a reason. They just said its so expensive because of the dimensions… And I told them I shipped the same size to south Carolina for 160. And the lady just said well I don’t know…

Sorry lol