CA-GSR engine longblock for sale or ship


Probably stolen.

Why you say that.

I bought 2 engines for the price of one. With gsr trans. The running motor I got came out of a wrecked db8 and the shell was right in front of me When I got it. I got bill of sale for my engine I bought except this one. I even ran the running one with chp. So imma do that with this one and prove this guy from posting dumb ass comment on my forsale thread.

Just came back from the chp and cop said he couldn’t run it cause the vin chp “master” wasn’t there…So I will try tomorrow.


A bill of sale doesn’t prove a motor is not stolen. and you are proving my point by not even having a bill of sale for the one you are trying to sell (the most important one). All im saying is that if you have been in the import car world for any decent amount of time. you have seen and heard it all.

^ and again proving the point. and 1994 gsr’s dont have a vin plate rivited into the back of the block below the intake manifold. ( from what I recall it was a few years new 1996? that they started doing that)

And by the looks of the engine on the engine stand you say you dont know whats wrong with it. But it looks like in the picture the timing belt is missing… So it either snapped or was removed?

Yeah. But do I go post stuff on people’s thread saying. Oh. Probably stolen. What kind of stuff is that. I sold a bunch of stuff on here bro. I’m legit with mine. When it comes down to it I will provide bill of sale. Hopefully it ain’t stolen. But I trust the guy I got it from. I’ve got the other one already checked and it’s legit. The serial number can be looked over where the b18c1 is and I have gotten that done by the chp. He told me where it came from too and that’s where I got it from. Chp said CLEAN NOT STOLEN…period that’s on my running motor I’m using. I didn’t care bout checking this one I’m selling cause owner said it was bad somehow. But I do need to prove it anyways. Shoulda got it done before I posted but I’m in the process.

Yes the timing belt has been removed by me. Since it wasn’t fully on. It was loose so I just took it off. But just selling it as is. If you interested. Lmk. If not. No need to post. Need more questions. Call or text me. My number right there bro.

Also I read your post. Looks like you got scammed…Sucks for you…I will provide whatever it takes once this shiet gets done.

course ive been scammed before. but anyway gl with sale.