CA hybrids with BAR sticker???

Does anyone out there have a hybrid that has the gotten the BAR sticker from a smog ref? Can you let me know…

  1. what engine did you swap in

  2. which town and what ref inspected the engine

  3. the process that you went through to make it pass inspection

  4. if you used an OBD1 engine, did you use a non-OBD ecu and still pass?

I really want to do my swap, but this is the only thing holding me back. Thanks in advance for the info.

I have a few friends that have BAR approved hybrids. I remember you asking about it a while ago.

1.)The motors that have recently only been a few B18C1 motors in 92-99 Civics and one H22A in a 97 Accord. I’m reffing a B17A1 in my 93 Integra.

2.)I have a friend that runs the REF center in Skyline college. He’s passed a couple of our cars and some Honda hybrids he’s told us about. He will NOT hook it up. He is 100% legit when it comes to his job and will fail you for the smallest thing… . it’s his job. Some refs aren’t as thorough as others, but I will say that the refs at Skyline College, Sequoia in Fremont, and Mission College in San Jose are STRICT. I’ve heard a lot of luck coming out of refs in Sacramento who tend to bend the rules a little out there.

3.)The process we go through is simple. Our vacuum hose routing is specific and dead on to how it’s supposed to be. We triple check ignition timing, and we clear the ECU of all past trouble codes in its memory. If one hose is incorrectly placed, you automatically fail. If your timing is not within 16-18deg BTDC, you will fail. If your check engine light is on, or if there are trouble codes stored in the ECU, you will fail. Our engines are in tip top running condition, they run clean and idle smooth… . no stinky exhaust at all sine they’re all DOHC VTEC motors… . :smiley:

4.)This is a simple break down. If you have a B18C1, you have to use the dual plenum manifold. No questions about it. No Skunk manifolds or modified ITR manfiolds. If the motor is OBD1, then you have to use that ECU. OBD0 ecu’s don’t have the same check engine light circuit. If you’re using an OBD0 ECU to control a B18C1, the chances of you failing are very, very high. When they check functionality of the ECU, they will attempt to access the ECU as if it’s OBD1… . whoops, no MIL jumper… . you just failed functionality.

Sometimes BAR approving a hybrid is a walk in the park, sometimes it’s the most difficult thing in the world because of California’s strict smog laws. If you have anymore questions, feel free to e-mail me. Good Luck.