CA: LTB a clean set of OEM front seats or driver seat alone if possible.

Hello G2IC community! I am gonna go straight to the point. I am looking for a certain item. That item I am looking for is a clean 1990-1991 OEM undamaged/torn front driver seat if possible. I will also consider the set of front seats but my passenger side seat is still clean so I don’t see the need to buy the passenger side. I am not sure of the color code/scheme of the interior but I will post a picture of the color and seat type I am looking for. The seats in the picture are identical to the ones I have and looking for. If anyone has one for sale or is willing to get off their hands let me know. Shoot me you price if local for local pick up or if not near the area shoot me your price with shipping cost as well. I am located in the 559 area near Fresno, CA. I check my threads and updates recently but to get in contact with me faster my number is 5596439331. Text only please. Thank you!

NOTE: If you can add pictures(Thread or text) of the seats itself as well, I would truly appreciate it and would be even better. Thanx in advance!