CA: Mugen Rear Bumper Cover Replica - Possible Ship

Hello friends
i am helping a friend out sell his Mugen rear bumper cover rep.

It is the best rep ive seen for mugen rears, because it has the extra bits on the ends and the cut out for the license plates and is thin.
The Wings West doesnt have that and is bulky.

His asking price is 175 OBO. The bumper is located in Riverside/Ontario CA 91764

If buyer wants it shipped, must pay for it. I will be happy to assist with shipping preparations since my friend cant.

90-91 or 92-93 rear? Just to help out potential buyers.

Only fits 90-91 rear bumpers.
Thanks TegFan!


fits sedans?

To my understanding, sedans rear bumpers are different so no.



bump, great price someone pick this up!

New price from owner.