[CA]NORCAL-BAY AREA FS: Fat 5s and some other stuff.

sup guys. got a buncha stuff layin round that I’m gonna sell (if I can) to raise money for the next phases of my project.

first up I have a set of Fat 5 rims in very good condition. only reason I say very good is that the finish is gone on em so they need a good polish. 3 of them have tires with I’d guess 80-90% tread lest, and 1 is a replacement tire with 20% tread left… that was how they came when I bought the car. anyways asking 250 OBO. got no idea what fat 5s go for so I am open to the best offers. the second picture shows the rim with the odd tire, this rim also has a grind mark on the back not a dent or a chip or weld.

Brand new “Import Direct” Ignition coil. Bought at OReilly’s before I replaced the entire Distributor. can probably locate the receipt so it will carry over the lifetime warranty to the buyer. 50.00 OBO

also have a stock airbox, intake arm, with K&N filter & resonator box - SOLD

and last but not least I have an OEM AC/condenser fan with the pigtail still attached. 40.00 obo

coming soon I’ll have an OEM exhaust manifold & B18A1 valve cover.

I prefer local pickup as I don’t use paypal, but am willing to work something out outside of that as long as you cover the shipping.

All items are Best offer. Open to trades as well. looking for any aftermarket DA parts or an A1 S1 Y1 or YS1 cable transmission.

call or text for a faster response 408 twothirtyfour 0126

Airbox & intake stuff - SOLD


fat 5s are sold

ok so I have some random stuff laying around that noone is buying. I’ll pass it on to whoever needs it.

A/C Condenser side fan

Stock Exhaust Manifold

Stock rotors & used pads - 1 front rotor throbs slightly, but the rest are ok pads still have some life in em.

radiator hoses

OEM radiator - good for a core if you need it, but it is shot out.

coming soon a set of 90-91 tail lights… they are beat up and have paint overspray on em… they work 100%. Driver side has a couple cracks. I have a new set and am just waiting for gaskets and rain to stop before swapping them out. god willing and weather permitting they will be available this weekend. driver side was filling up with water so it has a couple tiny holes drilled for drainage. they both hold condensation. be good for a short term replacement. regardless they are OEM & Free :slight_smile:

set of plug wires - they worked fine, I just wanted red ones so I swapped em out.

busted distributor unit… missing mounting ear - good for a core

not going to hassle with trying to ship this stuff so If you are local and want this stuff let me know and I’ll meet you to hand it off. I just need it out of my garage.

I also have a brand new Coil unit available would like to get at least 50 bucks for it. I bought it new before replacing the entire distributor. had the first one fry and OReilly’s wouldn’t refund the $$$ they just did a warranty swap so I have been stuck with it. That said I do not have the box, but it is still in plastic sitting on my desk never installed or used. 50 bucks I paid almost 70 for it.

Would like to take these parts off of you if you still have them

Stock rotors & used pads - 1 front rotor throbs slightly, but the rest are ok pads still have some life in em.

radiator hoses

Thank you