CA: oem black leather armrest, with cupholders!

Selling a super clean oem black leather armrest, it has the cupholders intact, theres no cracking on the leather, and everything is in great condition. It looks like it came right out of the factory.
Looking to sell it for 175 dollars or best offer.
either call me at 916-396-0691 or email at
thankss for your time.

nice looks really mint you should sell this fast

this came out from a DA?? where can i get a hold to one of this?? would a armrest from a different honda or acura will fit in a da?

you could probably get a hold of one from this guy selling his for $175! glws man, nice piece!

This thing is still for sale, it weighs 4 pounds. Give me your zip code and I can figure out shipping. Or use my zip code, 95648. The price of $175 is OBO and includes shipping. Call me if you need to. 916-753-5398.

if ya end up in the SF bay area anytine soon I’ll get that off ya in a heartbeat. would look great in my GS :smiley:

Hey are you going to be at the da/ef meet if so I can bring it out to you when I go.