(ca) (sf sj) Wtb parts... Teg was stolen bt now is found

My Teg got stolen on valentines day and was found looking to buy what was stolen…
Sub woofer had an alpine type r
Single din head unit
Window visors
1pc heads
Lol my dad put my oem shift knob on the car and they went through my car and found my ti shift knob
Exhaust, intake oem is fine as long as its carb and will pass smog

Also looking for
Springs with a softer ride, using sportlines.
Also looking for things to give me more security open to DIYs
Moneys tight college student.

i have a blue intake.kinda shown here.will sell for cheap.

for security couple things you could do, add a disconnect to your fuel pump hide the switch so only you know where it is just turn it off at night or whatever and no one can get it running, i did the same thing but with my clutch also. since there is a switch at the clutch that needs to be depressed to start the car i rerouted it to a very small push button switch that i had hidden in my shifter boot. Looked like i was just resting my hand on the stick so no one could tell it was there. with those two options the fuel pump is safe both together are almost fool proof unless they have a truck and just tow it lol.

I have JDM window visors. (OEM Honda - not replicas).

I have an oem intake and airbox. Let me know if you want it and how much.