CA Smog Question - Skunk2 Manifold

Does anybody know whether or not it would be possible to pass smog with the Skunk2 IM on my B18A? See, heres the thing: I’m sure it’ll pass the sniffer test, but what about the visual? I could’ve sworn the vacuum routing on the Skunk2 was slightly different than the stock B18A manifold. If somebody could shed some light on this for me, I’d greatly appreciate it!

Thanks in advance!

Just take it somewhere that won’t recognize the IM…if they say something then play stupid. As long as they don’t see any loose connection I don’t think they will bother you 2 much. I had cam gears, B&M FPR, header, exhaust and CAI…they guy just told me to cover up the cam gears section so no rocks get inside LOL

Oh yeah and I had an LS/V