CA: socal 1 piece head lights no ship.

Have a set of jdm 1 piece head lights off my gsr. Located in orange. 250.00


comes with bulbs, and wiring, they are working.
Text me or call 714-316-8506


Bump for buddy in the oc.

Bump for the picture I took at my meet lol

nice db2. why sell the 1 pc’s? They make any DA/db2 look clean. Do you still have the original b17 still?

Car is totalled now, so slowly parting out. No original motor, blew at the track. Have a jdm b16 sirII for sale also.

Bump for a quick response!! Glws bro!

will be picking these up tomorrow.

Lucky. Wish shipping was available. Not shit for one pieces up here in WA.

dlo253 my old pair will be up for sale in week and I will be posting a fs thread on here

Cool ill keep an eye out.