CA: Socal SSR super mesh or parts

Looking for a pair for ssr super mesh. Caps, parts etc. If you have any other old ssr parts please let me know. Needs to finish up a couple sets.


bump. anyone else with ssr parts. My never ending search

Wrong section :stuck_out_tongue:

? Sorry, where should I have posted? Havn’t been on the site in a while.

i think ur in the rite section ur in the wtb and u want to buy those parts…so idk

Cool, they have a SSR zippo.

Anyone else have parts.

you should check out club4ag, though I know the corolla PCD is different from hondas (114.4 vs 100), you may find members there with spare parts as a good amount of corolla guys rock older styling ssrs.

Heck even try the 240 community like zilvia, you may find someone on there with something you may need since the volume of users surpasses this site hands down and then many more.

Thanks. Yeah. I’ve posted on a couple other sites. Maybe some old school heads still have some laying around. :slight_smile: