CA- this is it part out..jdm 1pc. Armrest. Lots of goodies. Will ship some

Ok g2. This is it part out sale. Ahee hee. Selling everything must go.
Will ship most stuff here. Text me for pics. 559-283-5933

Jdm 1pc headlights. Clean and been recleared so no need to reclear or clean em all the time. All upper and lower brackets there. Mini tabs at the end are broken except 1 or 2 lol. No cracks on lens. H4h Stanley polarg bulbs. All boots and retainers all there. These are just as clean as the last one I sold. But last one was like mint. These I say 8.5 out of 10. Last set was 9 out of 10. $200 plus shipping…SOLD

Neuspeed front strut bar. Like new with box and washers. I peeled the sticker off. $70 plus shipping…SOLD

St rear sway bar with the st bushings. $70…SOLD

Password jdm shift boot $15

Gsr cluster usdm 205,xxx miles. Works. Still on the car. $50…SOLD

Mugen rep side skirts with mugen badges…SOLD

Sanded Jasper green gsr rep spoiler with 3rd brake light $50

Function and forms type 1 $200…SOLD

Skunk2 front camber kit $50…SOLD

Skunk2 rear camber kit. Since one bolt was missing I used washers for the bolts. $50…SOLD

Aem cold air intake. Complete with all brackets. 1 pc. Grey. $120…SOLD

Samco radiator hoses I bought from Colin. For b18a1 b18b1 b20 and b18c1 swaps only $50

Gsr longblock 94 runs strong still but compression at 180 120 120 180
Comes complete with skunk2 mani. P72 ecu obd1. It don’t smoke. Only when Vtec engages…SOLD

B17 transmission slight grind in high 3rd gear rpms. Still has stock 5th so it’s short. Feels like I’m still in 3rd or 4th and I always forget and try to shift but its already in 5th lol. $300…SOLD

Fidanza 7lb flywheel with 15k miles on it. $50

Exedy stage 1 clutch with 15k miles on it. $50

Vtec black side moldings…SOLD

Usdm 92-93 integra black armrest no cup holders. Cleanest armrest I’ve owned out of 12-13. $75…SOLD

I will throw this piece in for $10 extra…SOLD
Top portion of armrest in leather

I also have a fluidyne full rad radiator. No leaks. Only willing to trade plus some cash. Must have clean stock oe radiator.

92-93 integra gold emblems complete…SOLD

92-93 integra silver emblems complete…SOLD

More parts. I have to look

Pics of the rear st sway bar,gsr cluster (tach) an skunk2 front camber kit thanks

sideskirts shipped to 18344?? can u send pics to my phone 2015657931 or email

I’ll take the neuspeed strut bar, just let me know how much with shipping to 94587. I’ll paypal you once you give me the total price. my email is asequeira26 at

pics of the hub n wheel to

Replied all

Function forms?? What’s the condition??

Let me take some pics tomorrow and I will send em

Rears are good. Front right is good. Left front is fair on air. Idk how to explain it. They still ride pretty good. Just that I have a hard time adjusting the bottom parts.

K. Will do tomorrow

just dirt in the threads man, take the bottom tubes off clean well…f&f ride good for the price…had em on 2 cars in the pasts

I will just take pics and post them on here.

How much for skunk 2 front camber shipped to 92231

Finanza flywheel and skunk2 rear camber kit to 85031 thanks

Interested in front/rear skunk2 camber kit if not taken. Also in the JDM one pieces.

I’ll text you later today.

Interested in armrest. Email me pics of armrest to

pics and price of the steering wheel setup (minus the wheel, i have one)

Let me know about the gsr wing? Shipped to 33810?? And the vtec side moldings


never got an email about the wheel set up :frowning:

Pics of coilovers?