CA: Wanting to buy Passenger Side Fender in a specific OEM color.

Hello G2IC members. Im gonna go straight to the point. I am looking for a part in a specific color. I am in search and looking to buy a passenger side fender. Color I’m only looking for is called “Torino Red Pearl”. Manufacturer from factory color code is R-72P. This fender must be in good condition and not resprayed/repainted. Must be original color, untapped. Dont care if its a little faded due to the sun. Ill still take it if its in good condition. Sorry if Im being too picky but my car got struck by a truck and F***** my fender up. I had it repaired from his insurance and got a new fender painted, but the color came out too dark and now doesnt match the rest of the body. I dont like how it looks and it really bugs me seeing her like that. So if anyone has what I am requesting please shoot me a message and maybe we can work something out. I’m located on the West Coast, Central Valley of Cali. I would be willing to handle shipping costs if must be. To get a hold of me faster just in case if i dont respond quickly on this forum, my number is 559-643-9331. TEXT ONLY plz. Shoot me pics of the fender and asking price. Thanx!

:sleep: still looking for fender. if anyone can help out. Thanx! in advance.

Anyone out there? :sad: