CA : WTB 90-93 Integra DA Greddy SP2 Catback Exhaust

Still looking… and I’ll actually appreciate it unlike mr thread jacker right above me who is selling it right after he bought it.

Agreed, I won’t be selling mainly looking to trade for RSR. Hate to be that guy, if you really want send me a email and I would get it to you for the same price I paid. Just throwing it up there, all I did was message him and I did state if it fell through hit me up. IF he wasn’t local I wouldn’t have, he said he didnt want to go throught he hassle of shipping.

Still looking for a SP2.

Yeah my bad about being a little rude, but I’ve been looking for over a year and a half on local forums from countless cities with no luck, craigslist, hondatech, teamintegra, etc. It just kind of sucked having looked for so long and have someone actually hit me up (and was willing to ship it before you asked him) and sell me one in almost new condition. But shit happens man. If you still ever want to sell it… let me know… I know I’ll be looking for awhile again before one pops up in decent condition.

I understand wanting the SP2. I had one on my first Db2. I loved that exhaust but, I recently bought a Tanabe touring medallion for my new Db2. And I like it much more than the SP2. It is quieter and I feel produces the same power if not more. If you can’t get the SP2 I highly recommend the Tanabe.

I got a sp2 for sale if your still looking.

He sold his da already but I’m Interested text and send pic 9167onezero1320