CA : WTB 90-93 Integra DA Greddy SP2 Catback Exhaust

Hey I’m looking to buy a 90-93 2 Door DA Integra Greddy SP2 Catback Exhaust. I’m located in Sacramento. Catback must be in good condition. Hit me up with your offers and pictures ! Lets work something out !


I don’t have a Greddy SP2. But I do have a nice rare Trust SP Im thinking of parting ways with. Interested?

What’s up Frank_DA9,
If sKm isn’t interested in that trust exhaust, hit me up 760 two 1 three 890 two. Thanks

Oh hey Frank, I’ve been MIA for awhile because I thought no one would ever answer my search lol, but if you still have it, send me a text or a call a Eight zero five two five two zero five nine nine.

Still looking for a SP2…

I was gonna get this, this sp2 looks dope and sounds great.but it was hard to find :frowning: but i went another route thermal R&D 3inch because bigger motor aha

Haha Turbo or fully built N/A?

I still have that Greddy exhaust that I txt you few month ago… I live in SF

I don’t recall getting a text from you… were you the SP1 guy? Cause no one else from SF texted me except a guy with a SP1 axle back and straight pipe.

That’s me the guy from SF…

You have a SP1?

Or SP2? I’m only looking for a SP2, and i don’t think you were the guy that texted me…

I was the guy. You told me that you had a guy on Honda Tech that message you about the SP2…

still have the SP1? might be interested.

Send me your e-mail address…

I have an almost new SP2 that has maybe 40-50 miles on it. I decided to part out my DA because of registration issues. I am very motivated to sell and am located in Colorado. If your interested I can send you some detailed pics to your e-mail and we can negotiate price

Wow. Almost new. I wonder if it’s quieter than the greddy mx since I got pulled over for it…

I hate how this thread never sends me updates but yeah sure thing, my email is Send the most detailed pictures you can ! Thanks in advance.

And Da9bigboi, Ive heard the mx and sp2 in person, their both similar, the cops your around are just picky, im assuming fresno or around there? since your in the central valley

Not crapping on homeboys WTB thread. But if for whatever reason this falls through, I live 50 miles away from you and can come pick it up. Have cash willing to travel no BS.

Thanks, and good luck OP.