cable to hydro conversion question

okay, so i bought the billet hasport mounts for my upcoming B18C swap. I am wanting to use the Innovative Cable-to-Hydro activator system as I’ve read many more positive reviews about it. My question is, will the Innovative kit work with the Hasport mounts? I’m not talking about the kit that does the full hydraulic conversion (master/slave cylinder, etc.) but the kit that allows a cable system to still be used as normal, on a hydraulic clutch system.

What is this bracket for, and where does it mount?

does it go in between the transmission and the transmission mount? if so, that is the reason for my question. will it work with the HASport mount kit that I’ve already purchased? or will I have to go with the Hasport cable-to-hydro kit?

i know what the other one is, and how to mount it, but I’m not familiar with the one highlighted in red.

On the stock cable setup, there is an upper bracket … and then the clutch-fork.

So in that kit, they give you an ‘upper bracket’ which you’ve circled, and then the ‘actuator’ type mount that goes where the clutch fork would be.

The part you have circled should mount on the outside of the transmission… it has nothing to do with the motor mounts.

Spectacular. So it should have no problems whatsoever working with my swap?

I’ve never installed one… but it shouldn’t be anything terribly difficult, that’s why it comes in a kit hehe, takes all of the guess-work out of the equation. It is also completely independent of the mounts.

i’ll take some pics of my cable to hydro kit tonight

There will be no problem at all.