cali love meet pics

here are some of the pics i found from the cali love meet

not too badd


Is this nates new car? Tell me he has a DB1 now!

lol no he still has the ferio

Thanks for posting pics.

again thanx for posting the pix

damn where are they located at pretty clean as cars?!

they are located in pomona

yo you needa paint that front oem lip white!

lol i actually like it liike that cus it goes with the black moldings and it stands out more:)

part 2

Any pics of this past meet? Was gonna go but had to work :'0(

Can anyone identify this lip?

Forgive me for being late on this one. Haven’t been on G2IC for years. The lip above mentioned on the EF hatchback is either the real J’s racing lip or the replica from password JDM. hope this helps

its amazing how much better the cars look down in california than up here in WA. the honda-tech meets up here are just full of ricers (srs).

ps - glad to see not many “HELLAFLUSHOMFG” cars.