California--best LEO's in the country

Fine police work, Lou.

SAN DIEGO - A standoff on eastbound Interstate 8 in La Mesa ended without anyone taken into custody.

Two hours after officers drew their guns on a dark-colored sedan parked on the freeway near Severin Drive, Fox 5’s helicopter showed that no one was discovered inside.

Officers slowly approached the car and smashed several driver-side windows. A canine was seen jumping into the front of the car to discover that the vehicle was empty.

Err… odd.


Economy is tough right now. Got to milk the overtime while you can.

I remember seeing a few years ago on COPS (I was bored, it was an ACC Family Day, bite me) footage of an LAPD team surrounding an alleged drug “kingpin”'s SUV. The cops were armed with rifles.

They all opened fire on the vehicle when he attempted to shoot one of the officers.

Those not familiar with ballistics beyond what they see on TV, let’s just say cars aren’t bulletproof. Not by a long shot.

lol thats embarrassing. SD’s unfortunately out of money so those cops were prob trying to get their OT pay down.

How does one make overtime pay when the coffers are empty? Are they paying them in gum?

they’re not literally out of money, but short on it. Cops all probably took a pay cut or no merit increase for the past 2 years.

this is coming from someone who worked for the city as a contractor when they outsourced their IT. they dont have enough money to pay for their own IT technicians. Before I left, there were talks about the PD outsourcing their IT ops as well (i did general municipal stuff at the time. due to security concerns we didnt absorb the PD IT immediately) and i had to take what essentially was a LEO employment background check (go in for questioning, contacted all my references, etc.)

/off topic digression.

Well did they all make it home safe?

This isn’t arfcom GD. Take your red stapler and get the fuck outta here. :stuck_out_tongue:

that is awesome.