Caliper Mounting Bracket Bolt Thread Pitch

I need the thread pitch for the bolt that holds the caliper on the bracket. I don’t really know how to explain it, but it uses a 17mm socket and holds the caliper assembly to the bracket. There are two of them. Thanks in advance.

u try the dealer? cuz the dealer would have the right length, and thread pitch, and right bolt strength. u don’t wanna go weak on an important part like ur brakes.

edit i found it. its 12mm x 1.25mm. i looked in the helms manual. ps. it takes 80ft/lbs to get that torqued down to spec.

BOLT, FLANGE (8X22). So an 8mm x 22mm, doesn’t say the pitch, but I’m pretty sure its a 1.25er

yea its a 1.25 pitch. lenth u got right. i thought we’re suppose to label bolts by width (8mm) x thread pitch (1.25mm) x length (20-22mm).

You’re right, I just quoted Hondapartsunlimited though, so that’s how they had it on there. But the bolt with the 17mm head he’s referring to is for the caliper bracket to knuckle, so that 12x1.25x21 is right. He said caliper to bracket which is a 12mm head and the 8x1.25x22 that I quoted, so that’s where I kinda got mixed up

no prob. yea i was gonna mention those bolts at first til i looked back and saw that he mentioned a 17mm head on it.