Call pulling to the left, strange noise comming from the frount left

My car pulls to the left when I accelerate. There is also a strange rattle that happens when I accelerate. It sounds like it is coming from the front left side of the car. I looked under the car today to see if there was anything loose and I could not find anything. I just had my car aliened. I took my car back to the Tire Company and they said it was pulling because of my front left tire. The also said that they could not balance it right. They are going to give me a new tire. I have not hit anything. I have no clue what is causing this.Any ideas why the car is pulling or the where the noise is coming from? The noise it like something came lose and is vibrating up and down like one side is on but the other side is lose. You can here it from out side the car.

im not totally sure what it is, but my friends whole car would shake when he acclerated and a few weeks later he broke a axle…check that out