Calling all Cali SWAPPERS!!!!

I am thinking about swapping a b16a motor into my 91 LS but I am afraid of CA smog issues that would prevent my car from being a daily driver. Please list your comments, suggestions, etc. about your swap. Also, if I swap in a USDM motor such as a b18b (94 n up LS engine), USDM ITR, or USDM b18c wouldnt that be more beneficial since the USDM is already smog legal among US emissions? Please help me out thanks.

Do a search. A guy in your area got a JDM B16 SiR2 swap BAR legal.

was it done with a obd-1 and del sol si ecu?

yep the only way to make a b16 legal is… go obd-1 with everything. distributor, injectors and a obd-1 p30 ecu. then jus to make things easy on u i would buy a skunk 2 IM so that all the smog stuff hooks up to your manifold. and you should be good, if u go b16. if u go the ITR or GSR rout then all u have to do is swap them in and make them the right obd with right ecu and ur good.

prolly easier to find someone to smog it illegally than to get it to pass

yes it was kev, had to change the map sensor location and t body frokm what I remember. as long as the set up is run like a del sol it should be good.obd1 is a must to make it legal. I rather do that then stress over finding someone to do it illegally.

i wonder if i should… for legal issues, and for the better tuning programs…

it’ll just cost money… bah…

150 - obd-0 to obd-1 conversion harness
40 - injector clips, misc. wiring
150 - ecu
150 - distributor

is that about right?

depends on what set up you are running.

damn tegboi should have jus swaped in the obd-1 xsi motor and u would only have to buy the new ecu and harness. would have saved u 200 buks or so. but i would deffinetly say make it legit. i would worry to much about getting pulled over and the cop tellin u to go to a ref anyhow cuz u have no BAR stiker even if u did smog it illegaly, then the people that smoged it illegal would get busted. i say jus go legit and have no worries…

does the ref check the plugs to be grey? or injector clips to be grey?

or do they just make sure there’s a resistor box there, and that everything is connected properly?

it depends most will be real pricks about it,but I heard the ones in sac are pretty cool about it. the one at Skyline college in san brunois a real stickler about it being to the letter.can’t use the jumper harness with that guy need to re wire it completely for obd1 type motors. so kev email me about what your set ups.

i dont have your email…

do u really need to know my setup right now? it’s just a stock slow motor…

ya i bet it all depends on the ref… but i would use all the grey plugs to just be safe. and to run obd-1 u have to get rid of the resistor box, cuz the obd-1 injectors are saturated instead of peak and hold

if i was to be running the obd-0 injectors and everything with a obd-1 ecu and distribitor would that throw a code? i have a check engine light on