Calling out to all OG's or members who trust me, I need your help.

Hey all,

I have something I wish to get from Jacksonville Florida, however i don’t have paypal. The member I wish to purchase from is not willing to send me the item first, and then having me send payment once I have recieved the goods. I totally understand his position, and if it were me I would be hesistant. However, based on my time here on G2IC as well as anyone who has dealt with me (be it buying cams from me or what not) and know I am good for doing this, I wish to ask for your help. If you have paypal or any method of offering payment with protection for both parties, and you would trust me with owing you around $250 for a week or so (no more than a month for sure), I ask you to email me at max-hui at shaw dot ca.

I would ask you to purchase the item for me, ship it to my mailbox in the US, and once I have email confirmation of arrival i will pick up the following monday. (right now I am not considering the holidays, if it does land on the holiday, please delay accordingly). At the same time I pick up I will be bringing a money order with me to ship back to you.

Thank you so much for reading this and I would be grateful if someone is willing to help.


Hey Max, I just remembered you had this post up… I’m assuming you didn’t find anyone to help you out. Shoot me an email and I can probably help. As long as the deal can be made within the window of time Paypal allows for disputes then I don’t have a problem lending a hand.

Of course, the obvious question is… why on earth don’t you have paypal?