Cam cap bolt + extractor bolt snapped in head

Well i read up on how to remove the famous broken cam cap bolt by using an extractor…and i must say that that was a really bad idea.I got the extractor from canadian tire.(mastercraft).And i drilled about 1/2 inch into the bolt using 7/64 bit and used the # 2 extractor.Tried turning it after i taped it in with a rubber mallet,It was stuck.So i tried turning it again,but this time it broke right off…what now? can i drill it out? or should i go another route? or should i just run with one cam cap bolt? what will happen if i do?

if u run with only 1 bolt on ur cam cap u’ll prolly break the cap… or worst u’ll break the camshaft. i hope u knew what u were doing tho. i’ve never seen anybody have to tap in a left hand drill bit when extracting tho. u drill with the recommended drill… then use the extractor or left hand drill bit… and go to town with it. thats why u have the drill… and not a hammer.

take a pic of how it is right now if u can. u might have to do ghetto things like notching it so u can try n use a screwdriver to extract whatever is left or by welding something in there to the bolt. or just say F it and somehow get that pos out of there, then just heli-coil that hole after you’re done.

is there a machine shop nearby you? call em up tell em what happened and see if they would be willing to send a machinist out to help you. if not you can get it towed there and have them look at it.

:iagree: its already beyond ur capability which i think it was to begin with.


I fixed by buying a m6 helicoil kit.Worked perfect but i had to use a smaller bolt in length(i used one of the bolts out of a different head i have) And it was like nothing ever happened. BUT…i’m just hoping that the broken bolt (which is still deep down in there) does not somehow cause me problem down the road.
here is the link to the kit i bought (you don’t need to drill anything if it is the longer bolt that broke off,Just use the tap supplied and get the coil screwed in).|66:2|39:1|72:1215|293:1|294:50

good to hear, I had this same problem quite some time ago and had to take the head to a machine shop to have the bolt removed