Cam Seal Problems

My brother was looking under my hood the other day and noticed the cam seal was leaking. In order to replace it, it looks like we need to take the cam out. The Haynes manual doesn’t say anything about replacing the seal. Has anyone had any experience with this. Do we really need to pull the cam to change this seal or can we just pry the seal out, reseal it with anerobic sealer and reinstall?


I have the same problem. the mechnaic was going to charge me $85 to change 1 small seal!! sheesh if you have a solution pleease post it, if i find one i’ll post it as well.

You will need to remove the valve cover, and the end cam holder to remove and replace the cam plug. I did this recently and I used an STR brand seal. You can also use a newer OEM cam seal to fix the problem on your car. Make sure to loosen the other cam holders slightly, then when your done torque everything to specs. Hope this helps.

You don’t have to remove any cams.


cam seal

i believe alomost all 2nd gen integs have that cam seal prob…its a simple fix u dont care about being a little messy…what i did what use a high temp (very high temp ) sealant…wait 30 hrs for the sealant to cure and voila! more leak…sealant is like 6 bucks…so far i had it for 2 years no prob what so ever…

I don’t get a tun of leakage right now but if I start to I might try that. I definately change to an STR cam seal if I get those crower t401T turbo cams. :stuck_out_tongue: turbo cams :stuck_out_tongue:

yea…the mechanic said he did alot if i get the maker of the brand i will post it here…yeah i think those cam seals are only if u wanna run more wilder cams and if ur going the forced induction route…hey what 1/4 times u guys run…i mean stock no forced stuff… i ran a 15.9 @ 86 in my car… no headers…open air box…hiper exh…

GhostG2: He’s not talking about the cam seal plug near the distributor.

He’s talking about the cam seals at the other end of the camshaft. Behind the Cam Gears.

To change that it WILL require you to remove your t-belt off the cam gears, the cam seat bolts, the cam shafts and then replace the seal, then put everything back in.

If you’re lazy, 85 a seal is pretty good. Because it’s a lot of work and each camshaft has to be taken out in each procedure. So you do the steps twice, minus the t-belt removal part. You only remove it once cuz, duh u only have 1 t-belt.

Thanks for everyone’s help. My brother and I just went to Auto-Stoned and picked up some RTV and are going to shmooey that thing up. We also bought some high temp (1500 degrees) red paint and some aircraft paint remover too so that we can paint the valve cover while wer’re at it. I’ll let you all know how it goes tomorrow.