cam seals

:argh: anyone have leaky cam seals on b18a motors…
pissin me off every time i clean my engine its dirty next
day… is getting the str seals the best way to fix this…
any input would help…

Just use a “gang” (i saw the jack in the box commercial) of RTV sealant (the blue stuff). That should do the trick. My seals have 155k miles on them, and i didnt feel like replacing them when i put my new head on so I just used a bunch of sealant and I havent seen a drop of oil.

i wouldn’t bother with an str. a stock honda one will cost you 1/3 the price

i used a 96+ LS one… and the Hondabond… did the trick for me if you want to spend the extra cash go right on ahead

You can use the one off of a 96 GSR and you dont even have to use hondabond, or any other bonding goo for that matter.


What’s the difference between 96+ cam seal from earlier models ?