i got an 92 ls teg, i lowered it with skunk 2 coilovers and its sitting right above the tires and i put an progress camber kit on it and i had to raise it a little in the front cause i been goin though tires like an grip, i used to have 17 inch tsw revos on it but i had to put my stock wheels back on , i havnt had an aligntment done yet on my car and plus one of my tie rods is really worn on the drivers side, and my camber in the back i corrected most of the negtive camber with washers so would you anyone tell me if i got my tie rod end replaced and alightment done would my wearing of my tires would be gone , or do i need more parts i do plan on putting my 17’s back on after i get new tires and after aligngment and cranking it up about 3 more turns on the coilover , just tell me some suggestions thanks

You need to get the alignment done ASAP. After getting dropped recently, toe was way out of spec (front and back). I am getting the camber kits for the front, (just ordered today - Ingalls) and doing the washer trick for the back until I get enough money to buy rear adjusters. In the meantime, I drive it as little as possible. I am not going to ruin a brand new set of tires. But, really want to drive it bad…

yeah, like oldDude said toe settings cause tires to wear out worse than camber. Lowering changes the toe as well as camber, so you should get a good alignment shop to get everything back in spec.

i got a set of rear camber kit i’m lookin to sell. I was going to put it on my 92 ls but it recently got totalled so no need of them. Never used still in box with everything. let my know if you interested they are eibach and i am lookin to get around 40 for them.