Cams/cam gear ?'s

I have a question about cams and cam gears. i have the ls motor. was thinking about converting my ls into ls/v but as far as that goes if i change the cams and cam gears with aftermarket ones for the ls what kind of power gains would that give me. i dont plan to go boost nothing like that. just a simple all motor set-up. where should i begin… thx in advance all

you didn’t make much sense there… are you looking for aftermarket cams for an LS/VTEC or just an LS?

my bad

just LS

It has to be a package setup, that means intake, cams, fuel, header, cat, cat-back. You can’t just put in cams and expect gains.

With crower 403’s and good tuning + parts planning you could see 15hp gains on an LS engine.