Can too much drain on a battery kill an amplifier?

Can too much drain on a battery kill an amplifier? Ive been using this amp now for quite some time, but I get in my car today and no protect light, no power, nothing. Last night it was going in and out. I thought it was a loose connection so I went back and did find my speaker connection had come loose. Today though, nothing pops this amp on. Ive checked all fuses and none are blown.

Ive recently added a carputer and an LCD screen. Would the extra pull of this rob the amp of power thereby killing it? Im trying to figure out what happened as to avoid it when I get a new amp. Is it possible my remote on my deck pooped?

Thanks all


In short no.
The first thing I would check is power to the amp and it’s ground, if you are using an AGU fuse, like these… replace the fuse with a now one, even if it looks good, they have a bad habit of getting hot enough to melt the solder that connects the filament to the end caps, if you look close, into fuse, you can see melted solder.
If your not using one or the fuse is good, using a short jumper lead, jump from amps batt. power terminal to the amps control, [turn on/trigger] terminal, if amp comes on you have a bad connection or the amp control output on HU is not working.:cross:94

Thanks fcm, I knew if I posted you would come :slight_smile: I will post results later tonight as I am currently at work. Man I hope youre right.


Found the problem. Whoever owned the car before me didnt attach the carpet to the back seats. My speakers were shorting out on the metal backing of the seat. Shifted the box and it popped on. Went and bought some adhesive and stuck the carpet back up, problem solved.


LOL, that would have been the last thing I would have thought it was.:werd:94